7th febuary 2004

Yet another day and yet another update my website is like pandamonia with a daily update. We had a practise tonight it went pritty good the only song that you can hear richards singing in tho is rock show (which i played straight of the shelf with kaylee being my pro page turner) before we start doin the gig circuit we need to sort out richards volume (pa monitor needed). If anyones selling one in good working nick with mixer and all the cu-fufle with it get in contact, cherio.

detour demonstraights the "groupe catolouge pose" this is a move used by places such as argos to

advertise a team game

6th febuary 2004

Its an updating frenzy this week end.

Youve got a nice big pic of richard on his profiles cause i know thats what all you girls want (just remember what he wants and that is gigs and lots them so help to forfill richards dream)

You can even print it off and stick it to your wall.

5th febuary 2004

Played at the harliquin again the otherday, it was cool. Apparantly fire play went down to play and also found it in there hearts to rip up our advertising fliers, thanks for that, but hey we all know who makes better music, and that kids, is what this games about.